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            Welcome to jiangsu wuao machine pump manufacture co., LTD website!

            Wuao Machinery and pump manufacturing Co., Ltd

            Focus on all kinds of pump valve and accessoriesFocus on centrifugal pump for 10 years

            The service hotline:0523-84611115


            FHD pump

            FHT Desulphurization pump

            G Screw pump

            FYB(H) Submerged pump

            ZE-Petrochemical pump

            FSB、FSB-L Fluoroplastic alloy

            CQ Magnetic pump

            FH Energy-saving pump

            CZ Chemical pump

            ZA、ZAO Petroleum chemical process pump

            IH Chemical centrifugal pump

            ZH Self-priming chemical centrifugal pump

            TB Single-stage single-suction horizontal self-priming pump

            WFB No seal self-priming pump control

            CPN Heat resistance alkali corrosion non-clog pump

            IHG(ISG)、SG Single stage single suction centrifugal pump

            IHF Chemical lining fluoride acid pump

            CLW Long shaft submerged pump

            HYF Corrosion resistant submerged pump

            WB Stainless steel vortex pump

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            The service hotline:0523-84611115


            Material source
            1, one year warranty, the warranty period belongs to the manufacturing quality problem of our company practice \"three pack\", namely, baotui, proven, maintenance. 2, project use pump, can send personnel to cooperate with buyer\'s guide the installation
            Strictly control
            3, timely supply of spare parts at a reasonable price. 4, if a product quality problems or user need service, guarantee in 72 hours reach the site within 24 hours (special circumstances) services.
            5, user one-time consumption is larger, can provide prototype trial qualified after payment. 6, the company sold products, life-long warranty.
            六大优势广告1 六大优势广告2 六大优势广告3

            Six advantages

            1Big brand trustworthy! Centrifugal pump research and development and production

            years to corrosion and corrosion resistant pump research and development and manufacture of

            27 years in a row to keep market share, sales leads

            brand influence is big, high-profile industry.

            2Perfect quality management system Improve the quality management system, quality assurance

            quality management system in accordance with GB/T19001-2008 idt ISO9001:2000 standards, and strictly implement the standards

            set casting, machining, assembly as a whole, professional and complete production equipment, produ

            3Strong technical force Strong technical force

            have professional and experienced r&d team

            has a number of high-tech products, a number of patented technology

            professional technical team to solve various technical problems for you, improve your competi

            4Wide application field Product rich, wide application areas

            has more than 30 kinds of products, including various types of chemical pumps, self-priming pump, submerged pump and corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance pump

            involved in chemical industry, environmental pro


            diversified products to meet the needs of dealers different channels

            only cooperate with a dealer to ensure that every region, safeguard the market rights and interests of dealers

            6Perfect after-sale Perfect aftermarket

            the company has a professional after-sales service team, provide the service of all kinds of products 2 hours, the rapid response

            24 hours a day, 365 days all the year round to provide after-sales service Guida

            The service hotline:0523-84611115

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            Wuao Machinery and pump manufacturing Co., Ltd

                   Jiangsu five the machine pump manufacture co., LTD is located in the hometown of fish and rice in the bank of the Yangtze river with, yizheng, and su, tin, often across the river, jiangyin Yangtze river bridge, the new long railway, ningtong expressway highway, jing highway cross through, the communication along the Yangtze river in the south of jiangsu huning highway and highway along the river, the superior conditions of transportation and communication.Specializing in the production of castings, custom make all kinds of non-standard products to the customers.Main pump products: IH type stainless steel chemical centrifugal pump, WIN type heat pump, CPN alkali pump, submerged sewage pump, the IJ type chemical centrifugal pump, no seal, ZXB self-priming pump type WFB self-control type stainless steel self-priming pump, UHB type corrosion resistant mortar pump, the FSB fluorine alloy pump, CZ chemical process pump, ZA, ZAO petroleum chemical process pump...

            版权所有 Wuao Machinery and pump manufacturing Co., Ltd   地址:XinQiao town,Jingjiang city,Jiangsu province,China.   Email:pump_wuao@126.com & wuaopump@hotmail.com
            Phone:0523-84611115  Phone:+86 13775719964  contact:Frank  FAX:+86-0523-84310662
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