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Corrosion resistant chemical pump energy saving method


[q] corrosion-resistant chemical pump energy saving method

【 a 】 appeared on the market of a new type of corrosion resistant chemical pump, with Y3 efficient water pump motor.

This new type of corrosion resistant chemical pump with large flow, high discharge pressure, wide performance, high efficiency, long life and high reliability of the efficient flow injection pump equipment, the product to replace the traditional lower centrifugal pump water injection equipment operation efficiency, and reduce the production cost of oilfield, has important practical significance.

Of reducing energy consumption includes many aspects, but machine is the most important part of the energy consumption situation, adjust the load at any time, including traffic, each system involves the flow of a centrifugal pump. The corrosion resistant chemical pump constant speed and variable speed control flow of two kinds of operation modes and the energy consumption efficiency analysis results show that the speed adjustment way, less energy consumption and better economic benefit.)

Factory processing craft, and mould of centrifugal pump.

A pair of mold finished nanowires has decided to the size of the pump body internal energy dissipation, so should put its classified as recognition of the upstream products.

Usually reduce corrosion resistant chemical pump energy consumption of the method is mainly the application of variable frequency energy saving technology, in strict accordance with the corrosion resistant chemical pump operational procedures, for a plate of pump and pump, open the inlet valve, outlet valve, close to exhaust vent, check the pump inlet pressure is in line with the requirements.

Insufficient to prevent fluid for low pressure and flow caused by the pump cavitation phenomenon.

Or regularly evaluate the pump efficiency in the centrifugal pump, pump group of low pump efficiency, to timely find the reason, adopt corresponding measures to solve them.

Overall corrosion resistant chemical pump is a kind of consumption, wide application of general machinery products, the market demand of the product accounts for some 80% of the aggregate demand pump products.

Therefore, corrosion-resistant chemical pump energy saving, consumption reduction is of great significance.



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