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The material of conventional sulfuric acid pump selection


Sulfuric acid is a highly corrosive acid, USES a very wide range.

Corrosion of the sulfuric acid of different concentration and temperature on the material difference is bigger.

General characteristics: sulfate boiling point increase with concentration.

Such as: concentration 5%, the boiling point is 101 ℃;

Concentration of 50%, the boiling point is 124 ℃;

Concentration of 98%, the boiling point is 332 ℃.

Concentration below 75% in reducing (or neutral), more than 75% in oxidizing.


Commonly used metal table

But most of the metal material on the application of the pump are harder to processing and expensive price, price is not high.

Non-metallic materials

Fluorine alloy acid proof pump has the very good acid resistance, the Chinese academy of sciences experiments prove that has yet to have a kind of chemical medium and can respond, so the fluorine plastic is a kind of more economical choice.

The current five Mr For sulfuric acid pump and non-metallic products have IHF fluorine-butterfly pump (suitable for transporting pure acid medium), SJB acid resistant pump (sulfuric acid medium can contain particles), the FSB fluorine plastic pump, FYS long shaft submerged pump (without having to worry about leakage), type YMKL acid resistant submerged pump, etc.



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