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The solution to the diesel engine pump failure


[q] diesel engine pump fault solution

【 a 】 on diesel engine pump is disassembled, should be in strict accordance with the disassembly steps for the collapse of the pump.

First remove the impeller at all levels, and recorded, in the measurement of rotor impeller sealing ring, shaft sleeve, impeller, balance disc, main part of journal of radial and face runout values, and the radial clearance between rotor and shell parts, its deviation should comply with the provisions of the technical documentation.

The solution to the diesel engine pump failure

Multistage pump rotor parts (including impeller, the impeller block set or impeller wheel yi and balance disc, etc.) should be assembling, so to check the alignment of the rotor and skewness.

The impeller, the impeller block set in good correction and balance disc on the pump shaft and shaft sleeve lock, mounted on a lathe or between top bearing on the v-shaped iron, measure the rotor parts and the pump shaft alignment.

E., coaxial degree more than technical documents can use lathe turning, make it meet the specification requirements.

Impeller mouth end face and balance disc friction surface should be a vertical surface perpendicular to the axis pump.

On diesel engine to measure the axial spacing of pump shaft assembly and adjustment.

Equal spacing between impeller and is equal to the distance between adjacent wheel.

In the balance disc and balance disc closely adjacent cases, the width of the impeller outlet should be within the scope of the idler pulley import width.

Components on the multistage pump rotor, no matter how much work speed, all should do impeller, combined static and dynamic balance of rotor.



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