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The valve industry development present situation analysis at home and abroad


Valves are petroleum, chemical industry, power stations, long-distance pipelines, shipbuilding, nuclear industry, various cryogenic engineering, aerospace and Marine sectors of the national economy such as oil indispensable fluid control not ready.

The development of the industry and needs, and promote the development of the valve industry.

In recent years, while satisfy new requirements on all aspects of high parameter, the structure, material and production process of the valve, etc., how to do better to improve performance, can be * and reduce the cost, etc. Also to pay close attention to.

Valve is a kind of involved category, more complex, enormous quantity wide varieties of products, its quality, technical level directly affects the development of various sectors of national economy.

Therefore, strictly control the internal quality of valve.

Some valves need recognised by international authoritative organization, to open up an outlet.

For example, some power engineering, nuclear power valve for ASME (American society of mechanical engineers) recognition mark can be someone to buy.

ASME has used "N", "Nv" and "NPT" five markers.

Oil industry with the valve in order to get the American petroleum institute API "tag, to open up an outlet.

Valve industry abroad:

With the rapid development of the foreign class generation and chemical industry, valve industrial production development is very rapid.

People before the '50 s, many countries have formed the independent professional valve system and its industry, professional academic valves with the valve industry group or organization.

For example: the two have, such as Europe, America and Britain, the valve industry association;

Japan has the valve industry and valve research association;

Europe and the former Soviet union have a valve.

The design of the research institutes.

The valve industry and professional organizations, are in order to improve the production technology and the needs of the foreign competition together.

Several major industrial developed countries currently constitute the valve industry is as follows.

Valve industry worker number (in 1990, for example) in the United States, there are 77500 workers, which accounted for 70% of workers, technology and management staff accounted for 30%;

The UK, 80000;

Germany 52500 people;

Japan, 35000;

Italian l5000 person;

11519 people in France.

The 900 total valve manufacturing enterprises, the biggest number of 3500 people;

Japan's 1507, the maximum number of 900 people;

Germany 450, the largest number of 3300 people;

Britain's 490, the largest number of 1100 people;

France 400, the largest number of 1000 people;

Valve manufacturing enterprises, therefore, is the largest number of Japan, the worker is the largest number of people in the United States.

Only one half of the United States, Japan's valve industry worker and enterprise total nearly double that in the United States.

Valve industry compared with the United States, Japan's small and medium in the majority, there are about 250 large enterprises.

In the valve industry into the 80 s, the number of workers have little with the degree of reduction, and reduce the amplitude of the most people is France, from 21000 to 80 of the 80 s (1988) by the end of 1 l519 people.

Valve output (in 1990, for example) the U.S. $10.74 billion, 7.958 billion German deutsche mark method of Japan's 484.143 billion yen figure of about 484.143 billion francs (1987), Britain (1986) 601 million.



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