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The use of non-clog sewage pump


Non-clog sewage pump based on the domestic technical force, and various performance indicators have reached the technical level of similar foreign, with no jam, durable type line, accurate, convenient for operation and maintenance, high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, etc.

1, before running application check of the motor stator winding insulation resistance by megger are, the lowest shall not be less than 1 megohm.

2, check whether there is any damage on the cable, the phenomenon such as broken. If there is damage to change in time, in order to avoid leakage, cable and the current match.

3, when the voltage is more than + 10% rated voltage, may not start the pumps.

4, in order to ensure the safety of use of the four core cable grounding line must be reliable grounding, prevent electric shock accidents.

5, pumps in diving, vertical lifting, don't allow placed horizontally on the ground, nor in the sludge, stop using the lift should be clean, straight in a dry place, and pay attention to prevent frostbite.

6 cable, not allowed to be used as installation of lifting rope.

7, check the direction of the rotor running, looking down from the top should be clockwise.

8, mobile pumps, must cut off power supply, electric pump in operation time shall not be in contact with water, in case of leakage of personal accident.

9, it is strictly prohibited to motor phase operation, such as the blown fuse, check the rear can continue to use, shall not be any arbitrary bold fuse.

10, electric pump operation, personnel management, such as found to have abnormal phenomenon should immediately stop check, troubleshooting. (without with automatic protection cabinet).

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