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When using centrifugal pump


As an important auto parts products, the value of centrifugal pump products can produce is not allow to ignore.

According to the daily operation also need to pay more attention.

In order to avoid unnecessary accident, its operation must meet the following basic requirements:

1. Guarantee and a drive to consistency.

This is particularly crucial, is also relatively easy to be ignored.

2. The looseness of the fixed connection.

Fixed connecting part for each part of the need to strengthen inspection, if found any loose condition should be resolved in a timely manner, by the application of the corresponding lubrication and more.

Of course, the application of this kind of product also must meet the corresponding technical requirements.

3. Determination of lubrication part.

As a common means of maintenance, lubrication processing also need to rationalize, especially need to be lubricated parts must refer to the corresponding specification, otherwise it is no guarantee that the maximum effect.

4. Check instrument functions.

In the maintenance of centrifugal pump is also need to check the status of each instrument function and reasonable through the sensitivity and accuracy of detection is one of the important content, the reliability of the safety device is also need to pay attention.

5. Running environment control.

The running environment of the product also needs to be reasonable control, especially in anhydrous conditions is resolute can't run, low flow is not allowed.

6. The lubricant amount control.

Anything is avoid by all means is too much of a good thing, must hold a reasonable degree, so is the use of lubricant, if beyond a certain limit is likely to lead to the opposite effect.



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