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Introduction to the use of pipeline pump


1, commissioning work: check whether the fitting is loose;

Dish with the hand dynamic coupling rotor revolutions circle, whether turning is flexible, whether there was a noise, and the weight unevenness of feeling, to decide whether pump for foreign body or shaft bending, seal installation is not straight, etc.;

Check whether clean 20 lubricating oil seal cavity filling 1/2 cavity space;

Whether the pump unit surface clean;

The unit to no-load test.

2 start, manual: pump priming () for the first time, a little open the outlet valve, start the motor, pressure rise and confirm for the pump set is smooth operation gradually open the outlet valve to the working condition requirements.

3, run check: pipeline pump in the normal operation of the power frequency, shall regularly check and record the pumps ammeter, voltmeter, import and export vacuum gauge, pressure gauge and flow meter reading, the vibration of the unit, such as noise, temperature rise is normal, place should not have obvious fuel leak of the shaft sealing system.

4, normal parking: close the discharge valve, the pump light load, motor stalling.



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