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The matters needing attention when using magnetic pump


1. Magnetic pump caused by cavitation problem: the main causes of cavitation are pump inlet tube more resistance than large and medium gas, insufficient irrigation pump, pump suction can not wait for a reason.

The hardest by the cavitation of pump, pump when cavitation occurs severe vibration, balance, will cause the impeller pump bearings, rotor or damaged.

This is a common cause of failure in magnetic pump.

2. No small medium or medium flow: make the rotor spindle and stability of bearing dry rubbing, stubble bearings.

Magnetic pump is provided by the transport medium for sliding bearing lubrication and cooling, in the absence of open inlet valve and outlet valve, sliding bearing caused by free of lubrication and cooling medium and high temperature and damage.

3. The damage of sleeve: the magnetic coupling of magnetic pump is cooling medium by the pump, if there is a hard particle medium, it is easy to cause scratch or wear of sleeve, sometimes if improper maintenance methods are also likely to cause damage of sleeve

4. Prevent particles from entering the

(1) there is no ferromagnetic impurities, particles into the magnetic transmission device and the bearing friction pair.

(2) conveying crystallizable or precipitation of the medium should be timely wash after (stop the pump to the pump cavity perfusion after water, running clean emissions after 1 min), in order to ensure the service life of sliding bearing.

(3) conveying medium containing solid particles, should filter at the entrance of the pump flow tube.



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